About Our Project

This longstanding project grew its roots from a private hobby to select the best cities for urban holidays.

We decided to expand it as an independent tool for ranking the destinations for the public.

We found that (in relation to the worldwide importance of tourism destinations) there was a surprising lack of material on the Internet and elsewhere regarding the comparison of the best cities based on an-as-much-as-possible objective range of criteria.

As a matter of fact, rankings of the best cities already exist: for example, rankings that are based on users voting (e.g.: TripAdvisor’s), or ones that are based on an Index like the Standard of Living or the Crime Rate) but in our project we have integrated and combined the 13 most relevant criteria for tourism.

As for the top 10 for each city the main problem with almost all of the relevant websites is that these are almost never comparable throughout the cities, hence not providing much information for city comparison. 

This website is 100% private and noncommercial.